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Dancy Cheatwood
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things that I hate (stupid things people say about sugar gliders)

I guess the title this post is a little misleading. It should really be sugar mama back fights back. In no way shape or form I say I'm an expert on sugar gliders a.k.a. Bushkill Popham a.k.a. Honey bear a.k.a. honey glider but I'm so tired of reading BS online I wonder if these people who claim to be experts have even own these guys. I'm a mother of the last four weeks not a lot of experience but the best way to learn about something is tto be forced to interact with it. You know the whole sink or swim. I'll meant that I've been wanting sugar gliders for the last five years. And in those five years I've done a ton of research on these adorable animals. Yes a lot of people get them without knowing what they are getting into. Is that any different than when the movie one 101 Dalmatians came out and people bought Dalmatians because their kids wanted them. It's marketing these big-name companies go to malls and feed on people's impulse buying instead of trying to teach and then these owners have no idea what they're getting into. Lesson your letter opinion this is the truth at least the way I see it but if you see anything wrong with what I'm saying or know otherwise pleased tell in a civil and calm way as I said I'm a new mom. But I am not new to having exotics. Growing up my brother had iguanas and a cockatiel that he raised from a hatchling who is now mind by the way that the best example of impulse buy my brother bought this bird did not realize how long it was going to live and then went to college he had no attention for about three years until I saw the movie poly and decided I was going to trainer him. And zak is friendly to me if any man comes in my house besides my husband he gets pissed who can blame him every man that come into his life and left him.the point of this is I'm going to try to clear up some of the common misunderstandings about sugar gliders. There are people on both extremes some people say they are wonderful pets and have no problems there others who think they're horrible pet and that we shouldn't be allowed to have them. These are these extremes of both sides normally they extremes are not the truth. The truth lies in the gray area. I'm going to try to shine some light on that gray area. First thing is you don't know me from Adam who knows I might be some 600 pound man lying about having sugar gliders. So lesson one the Internet can lie this is not to say all the information about sugar gliders on the Internet is wrong insurance you don't know who wrote this. That means that most of the books that are commonly available about your gliders you also don't know about the person. So here's what I've got to say find a breeder or a veterinarian that you trust that knows about these creatures and talk to them. Make your own informed decision to not let someone else tell you what the truth is. When my friends told me something that common sense isn't that common and especially with these animals it's true most people are starting with no knowledge. They saw someone who had or read about them online or saw them on TV. I think one of the better books I read was the animal planet version of the sugar glider guide. So get your information from my checkable reliable source the Internet's great for a quick question or for emergency . But double check and triple check and quadruple check these are your baby's okay think about it this way most dogs. If there one of the bigger breeds of dogs lived for about 10 years on average if the dog doesn't have any health issues. The sugar gliders can reach the age of your teenage child. This means they'll have from 12 to 15 years tthat they rely on you to be either parent. So the things you need to do before deciding sugar glider. Do you have enough time. Yet we've all heard the your supposed to play with a puppy for so many hours in a day. While that is heartbreaking to think it we get animals and do not realize the commitment that is required so much time this is a little more serious when it comes to sugar gliders. If they feel neglected they will self mutilate. That's why most reputable sugar glider breeders will tell you to get two so there never alone. This cuts down in the barking and crabing. That's the other thing you need to look up what a sugar glider sounds like so you're not freak out the first time you hear the make a sound. Make sure you can tolerate this noise at two in the morning this sound. That to them spending a lot of time with you if you're female you have to easy places where you put your sugar gliders. I will say that I am a female so I'm not being sexual at all. One is in your cleavage or in two separate zippered pocket that you leave it open for air  but that they cannot get into your main purse  this is because you do not want them to go and to be main part of your purse or they can leave you a smelly surprise or if you're like me you carry your headphones in your purse and your cell phone and only a sugar gliders making a call to Timbuktu because you have a touch screen found really do not leve them in the pocket with anything.guys I'm not sure where you can put the in your jacket pocket or design them a little bage it's your choice if you want to carry a purse but I'm sorry I'm a girl and I have built in storage for my sugar gliders. In spacethe next thing you need to worry about is being a able to pay for a cage and food. Depending on where you where and how big from he can range from about $70-$150 for a starter cage for two sugar gliders.. The food is a little easier all posts a link to the website I use for my recipes all you really need is a blender and eggs and  bok choy, papaya, butternut squash, sugar snap peas, blueberries, and  I think that that  it you basically freezer their food and give them a tablespoon of it at a time  the easiest way to do this is using ice trays to pre-measure food these measurements or for one sugar glider. Once the question of a you have enough time beat you have enough money are answered the third and most out-of-control question is where I live do they allow exotic animalstrust me from experience I had to do some quick talking so I could have them in the apartment I live in currently I don't know why I can understand if an apartment complex has issues with reptiles especially if they escape. Cute fluffy sugar glider should not be disseminated as  I'm not saying snakes should be discriminated against either I'm saying people are more likely to side with the cuteness  then the reptile.  So that the end of my first post the basics of what you need to ask yourself before even considering buying one of these adorable creatures


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